Sunday, March 27, 2011


  When I first thought about what makes a good blog, I thought it would change depending on what the author was trying to get across: travels, life-long journeys, education, opinions, book reviews, etc.  However, as I read several blogs in various subjects areas, I realized I was looking for the same qualities in all of them.
A good blog has a title that will catch your reader’s attention and make them want to read the blog.  It is also engaging in that it is not too wordy and keeps the reader's attention.  A third aspect of a good blog is that it makes a reader want to come back each time it is posted.  What it has to say should be interesting and laid out well so the readers will return. I also think that the layout should not be congested or have so much advertisement that it deters from what the author is saying.  The last aspect of a good blog, in my opinion, is that it allows for feedback from its readers.  A comment section is very important so the reader feels a connection and ability to respond to what the author is saying.

  Blogs could be used in many ways in the classroom.  Students could use blogs to comment on books read, student writings, math concepts, portfolios, research sharing, and a way of helping younger students to name few ways.  Blogs would also be a great way to formatively assess students in different subject areas.  Another use of blogs in the school would be teacher/parent communication.  Daily or weekly postings by the teacher would inform parents of happenings and anecdotes from the classroom.

  Blogs are definitely an easier way for people to self-publish.   I have a nephew who blogs movie reviews.  He is great at it, but at his age he would probably never have an audience if it weren’t for blogs.  Whether it is book reviews, personal opinions on subject matters, or a budding author, blogging provides an audience that wasn’t once available. 

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