Monday, May 16, 2011

Thing #17 - MEL

  The two data bases I chose were e-Library and Kids InfoBits.
  1. e-Library was the first database I went in to.  I found the site a little confusing to maneuver around.   You could choose video, audio, text, pictures, etc., but it took quite a bit of time to figure it out.  I chose to research the armadillo, so I put that into the search box.  When several options came up, I was pleased to see the reading level of each option.  Students would then be able to choose an appropriate reading level article.  For credibility, each article was well documented with the source, date of publication, page number, etc.

      2.  Kid InfoBits was the second data base I researched.  I used the armadillo, once again, for my topic.     found this database to be much easier to use.  When you first get into InfoBits, it is organized by topic.  I just clicked on animals and put armadillo in my search.  From here, there are tabs to click on if you want to look at magazine articles, reference material, pictures, charts and graphs, and much more.  Another feature in InfoBits is that it, also, has the reading level posted as well as the capability of having it read to you.  As with e-Library, the source was well documented.

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