Monday, March 28, 2011

Thing #1 - Delcious

Delicious is an on-line bookmarking program that allows me to access my bookmarked web sites from any computer where internet is available.  Many times I have been at home researching for my class and found valuable web sites that I wanted to remember.  I would copy and paste them in an email and then send them to my school email.  Once back at school, I would save them on my school computer.  Delicious will help my productivity as I will no longer need to that.  I will be able to save and tag a web site, and then access it whenever, and wherever, I am on the internet.
  Another aspect of Delicious that will help with efficiency is that I will no longer have to find the sites after losing them when my computer at school is re-formatted each summer,  my home computer crashes, or I buy a new one.  All sites will be bookmarked on the internet and readily available.

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