Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Thing #7 - Website

Web Presence

I chose to create a web site for my third grade class.


I team with another teacher and thought this would be a great tool for many reasons.
  • Parents will be able to have easy access to what is happening in the class. 
  • Students and parents will be able to download assignments or check on projects for due dates or "how to's." 
  • I take lots of pictures throughout the year but never have enough room on my newsletter to display them. The web site will be a great place for this. 
  • Calendar of events will be easily accessible for parents and colleagues. 
Years ago I did not think having a classroom web site was worth the trouble because most of our parents did not have internet.  Today, every one of  my students and families have access, so this will be a great parent/teacher/student communication too.

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