Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Thing #6 - Bogus Sites

After reading through this web site and looking for credibility, I really couldn't find any.  At the bottom of the page it said they were a Ukranian company and not subject to US laws.  This was a red flag for me right away.  The explanation on how they perform their service was also fishy.  They have a lighthouse off shore they use for "clicking."

I could not find any other sources that reviewed, critiqued, or supported this company.  When reading the explanation for existence, the company seemed to have a legitimate  reason for their business, but the company was questionable.  I tried to google reviews or anything that would tell me more about it, but the only thing I could find was sites that told me it was a hoax.

 I could not find a date on the website.  No where did it give a copyright or update. 

There were no sources behind the text.  There was supposedly one testimonial, but that was it.

Funky shoes was a site that immediately caught my attention as a bogus site.  It is totally based on the premise "Good Karma Shoes Make You a Better Person."

This site claims that they scour the world for shoes worn by good people doing good acts.  If you buy these shoes, you too will have good karma.  Although there were several testimonials in the sidebar, they were not necessarily credible.   There were no dates on the site.  The only other sites I could find about Funky shoes were the ones that claimed it as a hoax.

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