Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Things #1-7/Capstone Reflection

  The technology applications explored so far have been beneficial for both myself and my students.  The more hands on, and the more variety that can be offered students, the better they are apt to learn.  I don't believe technology in itself, it s the only answer, rather a piece of the puzzle that will give all students the opportunity to learn in a different way.  I have incorporated technology in my Daily Choice during math.  Students have a variety of activities they choose from that to reinforce a particular skill.  I am fortunate enough to have 3 computers in my room that students can get on during one of their choices and explore the skill in a different way.
  As for myself, I have already learned so many new ways to enhance my teaching.  Blogs will allow student feedback in a constructive, positive way.  Skype and other social networks will allow students to communicate with authors, museums, other students, etc.  The value of the many, many websites with lesson plans will be a great resource.  I love Thinkfinity and how there are so many lessons that not only give me great teaching ideas, but most of them incorporate technology with the lessons.

  Even though we are only 1/3 of the way through this class, my mind is blown away by the vast amount of information and resources available to educators today.  The teaching and learning strategies based on Marzano, all can be addressed by the technology applications we have been learning about.  A main point of Marzano is that students need to be challenged in a variety of ways and have time to explore and take ownership of their learning.  In the "Identifying Similarities and Differences" category, Marzano recommends for classroom practice:
  • give students a model for the process
  • use familiar content to teach students the steps
  • give students graphic organizers
  • guide students as needed
  Some of the types of technology integrations suggested are:  Power Point, Venn diagrams, Kidspiration, smartboard, excel, as well as many others.   The list could go on and on for each subject in our classrooms, including homework.  Instead of the traditional paper and pencil activities, students need to be challenged to use technological resources that are available to help them learn in a variety of ways.

   The "Thing" I am choosing to do for a lesson with my class is Buzzword.                 
Third grade students, according to GLCE    3 – H3.0.10 ,   are required to create a time line to sequence early Michigan history through statehood. After studying Michigan during the time of the Voyageurs, students will collaboratively, in groups of 4, use Buzzword Presentations to create a time line of Michigan from beginning to the time of the Voyageurs. They will continue to use this tool to add to the time line through Michigan's statehood.  By using Buzzword, students will be adding to, taking away, and enhancing the time line as a group in a Power Point.

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