Friday, May 13, 2011

Thing #10 - Digital Storytelling in the Classroom

  Digital Storytelling can be a valuble tool for both students and teachers.
  1. Students will be allowed another avenue to share what they have learned.  How fun it would be for most of them to put their knowledge in a digital story format?  They could also use it as another means of projects.  Diorama's were popular in the past, but with digital storytelling students would have the capabilities to add so much more information and effects in a interesting way.  I did not use a voice over with my presentation, but if used for assessment or projects, I am sure students would be very creative.
  2. As a teacher, digital storytelling would allow me to grab the students attention in a different way.  It could be used for a unit introduction, teaching a lesson, or, as I did with my presentation, allow the students to see pictures taken of themselves throughout the year.

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