Friday, May 13, 2011

Thing #11 - Prezi

  The following is a Prezi presentation I created based on our Plant unit.  I had a hard time getting used to Prezi and its components.  I have use Power Point for years, so it was very different and hard to move around in.  However, the longer I did, the more I liked it and saw its value.  Power Point is based on 'slides', whereas with Prezi everything is all on the same page.  Students can easily maneuver around the page and go directly to the content area they need.  It is internet based, so they can access it from school computers or from home.  I love the easy capability to insert internet pictures, sites, and UTube.  We have been watching seeds germinate in the class, but I added a time-elasped version to my Prezi presentation that allowed students to watch them every step of the way.

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