Thursday, May 19, 2011

Thing #15 - 21/Capstone Reflection

A)   The technology applications I have been exposed to throughout this class, and those I learned while researching for the class, are all very valuable to my students and to myself.  With the shift toward project based education, the technology applications I have been exposed to over the last two months, will extremely helpful.  As I stated before, our school will receive net books for our classes next year, as well as the fact we have a computer lab available for use by classes.  I will be having students use many of the applications I have been exposed to, to aid in their projects, assessments, and daily learning experience.
  As a teacher, I will continue to use the applications to enhance my teaching.  My website is starting to take shape, and with the new found resource, "screencasting," I can create screencasts to post to my site that will allow students to view assignments they either missed or need more review on.  Wordle is a great tool for teaching purposes or review.  The on-line graphic organizers will also be a great tool for students in their daily work or projects.  I think the problem I have right now is that I need to take time to decide how I am going to remember and use all of these wonderful applications the best way possible.

B)   Technology in the classroom allows students to take an active roll in their learning.  They are making choices about how to obtain information, manipulate it, and display it.  Technology allows students to perform authentic tasks, and therefore define their goals, make decisions, and evaluate their progress.  They will be provided with opportunities to interact with each other in a variety of ways so their learning will be enhanced.

C)    I would like to use Prezi to create a timeline presentation of Michigan's history.  The presentation would have different pictures, video's, web links, etc. as a demonstration for the students.  The students will then create their own Prezi presentation continuing the timeline throughout the year and completing it when we reach our current time.

3 – H3.0.10 Create a timeline to sequence early Michigan history (American Indians, exploration, settlement, statehood)

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