Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Thing - #19 - Extend Your Classroom

  Ways in which I plan to extend my classroom will include a web site, Skype, and virtual field trips.  Since Thing #7 I have been trying to continue developing my web site.  Over the summer I hope to work on it enough to be ready for fall.


  Using Skype, I hope to attempt a time virtual author visits.  I am still looking into this, but the more I research it, the more doable it seems.  Marzano  strategies "Questions, Ques, and Advance Organizers" will fill perfectly with this type of virtual classroom.

  I am most excited about virtual field trips as a way to extend my classroom.  Each of our classrooms will be receiving 4 net books next year.  Along with this, I have 3 computers on-line in my room that students have access to.  If I schedule early enough, we also have an empty computer lab for use.  Because of this, I am researching several virtual field trips that go along with my curriculum.

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