Sunday, May 15, 2011

Thing #8 - 14/Capstone Reflection

A)  Using the applications to improve learning:  The applications in the last seven sections are all very beneficial for my classroom.  I will use a lot of them in conjunction with each other.  For example, Picasa is a great site for uploading and editing pictures.  From there I I can add them to my web site, do digital story telling, use them in Quizlets, and in creating Prezis.  Most of them are also great instruction tools.  My creating different ways to present my lessons, students will be exposed to ways they too can create and present information.

B)  Effective teaching and learning strategies:  Using any of the many types of presentations talked about in these 7 areas, students will have the opportunity for effective note taking, summarizing, and creating questions and organizers over and over.  Google Earth and Quizlet have a vast number of opportunities to allow students to create and tests hypothesis. Lastly, many of the online assessment tools provide and allow for immediate feedback so that students can quickly self-assess.

C)  How does this lesson meet a MI or Technology standard:  The "Thing" I am choosing to use for a lesson is Prezi.  Students can create a Prezi presentation for Science (or any other area) to show comprehension and understanding of their plant and animal unit. 

S.RS.03.17:   Identify current problems that may be solved through the use of technology.

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